Meet Jonathan

Today in our series of team profiles we meet Jonathan Lever, practice owner and principal, and of course the reason we’re called JL Dental Care.

Jonathan qualified over 35 years ago at The Royal London Hospital before undertaking an MSC at the Eastman Institute almost a decade later. His passion is keeping teeth and gums healthy for life and at this stage in his career is treating a third generation of patients. He says “I felt great pride at treating families who then brought their children in, now, some years later I’m seeing their grandchildren too”.

If you watch some of the numerous videos Jonathan has across the website and on YouTube you’ll hear him talk about the JL ethos, which focuses on prevention rather than cure. The practice has two hygienists who help patients to stay dentally fit and Jonathan stresses this means staying healthy overall. He has written many blogs about the connection between the health of your mouth and your overall health which you can read here

Jonathan’s passion for helping patients maintain healthy mouths was evident throughout each lockdown when he regularly sent emails outlining the best way to protect teeth and gums and even setup an online shop to help provide essential dental supplies across Edgware.

If you’d like to ask Jonathan for advice on any element of protecting or enhancing your smile simply send an email to

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