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A Healthier Smile

A healthier smile begins with preventive dentistry which has the goal of keeping your mouth and teeth healthy for life. By regularly visiting us at JL dental care you can prevent problems before they ever get a chance to happen.


The two most common causes of people losing teeth are gum disease and decay and we can help to prevent both. 

For most people we recommend visiting us every six months to have a dental health check carried out by the dentist and receive a thorough cleaning of your teeth with the hygienist. We will also give you practical advice to ensure you are cleaning your teeth correctly.


Sometimes people can put off a dental appointment to ‘save money’ as their teeth ‘feel fine’ but this can be a false economy if a problem is not picked up on time.

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We at JL Dental Care also do a lot more during your appointment than you perhaps realise. Your dentist and hygienist will look for early signs of tooth decay, remove the sticky plaque which contain bacteria that thrive on the sugars in your food and if left in place causes gum disease and they also look for signs of mouth cancer, which if spotted early can be treated very successfully.


A routine visit to us really is the proof of the old adage, prevention is better than cure!

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