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Many people spend years wishing they had straighter teeth and not realising that there are now removable and convenient solutions to do this. Perhaps the name you will be most familiar with is Invisalign, which uses virtually invisible aligners that can be taken out for meals. They are perfect if you don’t want anyone to know you’re undergoing Orthodontic treatment.

Dr Jonny Lightstone offers Invisalign here at JL Dental Care, and as you will see from some of his before and after images, the results are a natural looking straighter smile. He will often advise doing Invisalign in conjunction with composite bonding and whitening. Jonny is constantly receiving praise from patients and being told he has given people the confidence to smile broadly for the first time.

Smiling Professional Looking Woman

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Invisalign is comfortable to wear in the mouth and the majority of our patients for whom the system is clinically suitable see results within 6 months.

Over 13 million people worldwide have had the treatment and you only have to Google the name to see how it has transformed smiles and lives across the globe. You can even see what your smile will look like following the treatment by visiting and taking the smile assessment.

Why not speak to Jonny to find out if Invisalign is a suitable option for giving you the straighter teeth you’ve always desired?


Simply call us to book a free cosmetic consultation.

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