Dr Leigh-Ann Elias introduces herself

“I qualified as a dentist just after turning 21 years old. My aim was to travel and see the world. Like many of my classmates, I headed to the UK, probably because English is my first language, the UK at the time was crying out for dentists, and they recognised our university degree, also the UK was a great base from which to explore Europe and the world.

My first practice was in Scotland, Aberdeen which I enjoyed, I then proceeded to further my training at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in their Maxillo-Facial and Oral Surgery unit. I returned to general dental practice eventually moving down to Oxford and now London.

I believe that having a balance between private practice, academia and research and teaching, allows me to have a continuous wonderment of the dental profession. Although my training is primarily in oral surgery, I have always maintained a solid footing in general dental practice.

I love the variety that general dentistry allows, fillings, root canals, crowns and inlays, oral surgery, orthodontics and cosmetic and minimally invasive dentistry are all in a days work. Difficult surgical extractions, implant surgery, IV sedation all these skills make me better at routine dentistry, and routine dentistry makes me better at surgery.

I have invested an enormous amount of time, money and effort to continually be trained on new techniques within dentistry, and believe its vital that a good dentist is aware, confident and knowledgeable about new technology, like FASTBRACES for example.”

Have you been putting up with a smile which you are embarrassed to flash because of overcrowded or misaligned teeth? Get your confidence back with Adult Orthodontics.

Leigh-Ann loves seeing the result which FASTBRACES can achieve in just a few months. If you’ve always wanted straighter teeth, call us on 020 8958 0136 to book a consultation.

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