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Are you embarrassed by crooked teeth?


One of the things we get asked about frequently is crooked or misaligned teeth. In the 70’s and 80’s, there were many television programmes and movies which gave a rather unfavourable impression of braces. In most instances, there was a cruel association of the ‘uncool’ character having metal braces often referred to as train tracks.


It has led to a generation where many adults avoided having the treatment they needed or wanted and as a result not being happy with their smile. Suffice to say orthodontic treatment which is used to treat misplaced or crooked teeth has come a long way.


Many adults assume that if their smile hasn’t been corrected by the time their career is underway then it’s too late. This comes from a fear of turning up to meet a client or attend a meeting in their 30’s and upwards with noticeable braces.

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We’re here to dispel the myth that orthodontics are only for the young. There are a great number of options nowadays which all have discretion or speed as their core feature. 


FASTBRACES® is a high-performance bracket system which will normally have results in 4 months. At JL dental care Leigh-Ann Elias has successfully treated many patients with this system and would be happy to discuss your options and show you a selection of the remarkable results she has achieved.

At JL Dental Care, Jonny Lightstone offers Invisalign® which are clear almost undetectable plastic aligners. They are used to gently straighten a crooked smile and are so discreet that only you and us need to know!


So if you have been putting up with a smile which you are embarrassed to flash because of overcrowded or misaligned teeth please ask us at your next appointment to discuss the range of options we have available. Our goal is always to make you smile with confidence.


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