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What Is Dental Hygiene Care?

It’s probably the most important thing we do here! Your teeth absorb a lot of punishment over the years! They are under attack from the plaque that accumulates daily and as we eat and drink the appearance and colouring of our teeth can alter dramatically. Our dedicated hygienists provide a deep clean of your teeth, from scaling through to polishing and oral hygiene advice.

Why Dental Hygiene Is Vital

Primarily we focus on restoring the health of your teeth and gums. This prevents the onset of gum disease and can remove plaque deposits from those hard to reach areas between the teeth, which can save you from expensive dental work in the future. Keeping your teeth healthy and your gums protected is a vital part of what our dental hygienists can do.

What Is Direct Access?

Recent changes in the law allow patients to see any hygienist without having seen a dentist first. It’s not instead of a check-up but if it’s more convenient to see us rather than your regular practice, or you need a spruce up before a big event, contact us to arrange your visit. Your medical history will be checked, and your teeth cleaned and polished. If your hygienist is concerned about anything else they will let you know and then it’s up to you where you get it sorted.


Our Hygienist Service Range

We have three dedicated hygienists in-house offering the following services:



  • Assessment of the general health and hygiene of teeth and gums


  • Scaling and polishing to help remove staining and discolouration


  • Deeper scaling and advanced periodontal care


  • Diet advice and guidelines on how to protect dental and oral hygiene


  • Oral hygiene instruction on how to brush effectively and how to use additional aids such as floss and interdental brushes



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