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A dental bridge is a fixed false tooth which is used to fill a gap from a missing tooth. Unlike traditional removable dentures, a dental bridge is a permanent fixture as it is anchored to one or both teeth either side of the gap.


Although we would normally recommend a dental implant as the most effective solution for a gap in the teeth, this is not always clinically suitable.


The different types of dental bridges include:


Fixed bridge

A fixed bridge is a way of fixing an artificial tooth or teeth to the adjacent natural teeth by crowning them. If the teeth don't need crowning then consider an adhesive bridge.


Adhesive bridge

A metal wing is cemented to the inside of one or both teeth either side of the gap. This metal wing holds the porcelain tooth that fills the space left following tooth loss. This option involves minimal preparation of the tooth or teeth either side of the gap. 

With these options, there will be a number of trips to the practice required as we will have to take an impression of your teeth and have the bridge unit manufactured by the dental laboratory.

Remember, there are quite frequently a number of options available so speak to Jonathan or Leigh-Ann about whether a bridge would be most suitable for you, or whether a dental implant may be a better long-term solution.

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