Stopped smoking?

Wednesday 8th March was National No Smoking Day and we were very proud to support it.

National No Smoking Day was launched on Ash Wednesday 1983 and each year leads to many people quitting for not just the day, but forever. Even if you only stop for 24 hours your lungs will begin to clear out the mucus and debris caused by smoking. Click here to see a timeline of what happens when you quit.

If you would like to follow the activities of National No Smoking Day on Facebook please click here(Make sure you are logged in.)

It goes without saying we support all patient endeavours to quit as you will not only see an improvement in the health of your mouth, specifically the gums, but you will also lower your risk of mouth cancer.

For more information on smoking cessation and the benefits to your dental health please book an appointment by calling reception on 020 8958 0136.

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