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There is ‘pay by phone’ parking directly outside the practice.


The first 30 minutes are FREE! If needed you can pay for parking by phone or you can download an app and pre register. If you prefer there is free parking in some surrounding streets, just 2 minutes walk away.


The app is by far the easiest way to access 'pay by phone' parking, however, if you would like to use the service by telephone, follow these instructions:


To register call 02033622000 and follow the prompts. Have your credit/debit card number, mobile phone number and car registration number to hand.


Already Registered?


Text to 65565 with:

The location number (9517)

The duration of your stay

3 digit security number of your card

EG. If you are staying for half an hour, text: 9517 30 123 (ensure you put a space between each set of numbers)


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